Jerrod Altmeier

Member Since 2020

Jerrod originally hails from Putnam, CT, and trained and performed with ComedySportz DC in Washington DC and Comedy Under Construction in San Diego before moving back to New England. His love of short-form led him to BYOI and he can also be found teaching and performing on house teams at the Providence Improv Guild and performing with numerous local indie teams. Jerrod is a proud Marine veteran, hates onions like nobody’s business, and enjoys an all you can eat buffet way more than a normal person should.

Alan Austin

Member Since 2015

Alan has been a pretty regular member of BYOI since 2015. He always loved improv and hopes you enjoy the show! He works in the marine science field and enjoys birdwatching, hanging out with family, and talking to anyone about turtles and frogs!

LoLo Crocker

Member Since 2023

Lolo has been performing since she was in elementary school. She currently satisfies her comedy cravings by making her audience AND cast members laugh at BYOI. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and acting with her sketch comedy group, and performing with her indie team called “Cucumber Folklore” at the Providence Improv Guild. Fun fact – Lolo absolutely loves interior design. Her favorite part of life outside of comedy, is spending time with her partner Loni and their golden retriever named Bailey.

Audrey Dubois

Member Since 2017

In her distant youth, Audrey performed with Wheaton College’s Dimple Divers, and joined BYOI upon graduation to keep the spirit of comedy alive in her heart all year ’round. By day, she works at the library. By night, she writes plays and directs shows with Swamp Meadow Community Theatre. Armed with a master’s degree in poetry, she is making great strides in her ambitions as a philosopher hermit. Talk to her about Star Trek.

Dana Goodman

Member Since 2023

Dana was raised by silly people, married a silly person and intends to be silly for as long as possible. She’s loved “Who’s Line is it Anyway?”, since she was a kid and is psyched to be a part of BYOI playing similar games with volunteers on stage. Her artistic history includes acting, filmmaking, photography and jewelry, so performing in the WCFA space with different art exhibits is a treat. Offstage, she enjoys mingling with moss in the forest or swimming in the sunshine at the beach. If there is a body of water around Dana WILL get wet, any time of year, go ahead – dare her.

Timothy Killilea

Member Since 2018

Timothy Killilea has performed improv in Barcelona, Manhattan, and even traveled as far as Newport! He has been with BYOI for over 5 years and is lucky to work with some incredible people. He sees improv’s impact in his work as a firefighter and various other jobs. His passion is to share improvisational creativity with the world, from multilingual Zoom jams to having improv marathon fundraisers. He hopes to see you at a show!

Maia Malo

Member Since 2022

Has loved improv since she was young. Born and raised in RI. Graduated from RIC in 2019 with a major in History. Would definitely consider herself a history nerd. Other hobbies include singing, musical theater, and playing the ukulele. Excited to be a part of BYOI.

Ian Sokoloff

Member Since 2012

In a prior improv life, Ian performed with San Diego Theatresports and co-founded the Subatomic Jenkins Clan (also in San Diego). Since arriving in New England, Ian discovered long-form improv (in addition to discovering weather), performing irregularly at ImprovBoston, training in and performing with the IB Harold On Deck program, and spending a stint with the IB Harold team Plan B. Now he’s transporting his stretched mind across state lines to play with BYOI’s audiences. Excelsior!

Tyler Vigeant

Member Since 2022

An Alumni of RIC’s Theater and Art program, Tyler took several Improv classes during his time there that furthered his love of the Improvisational Arts. Having been an audience member of BYOI for over 10 years, he appreciated the type of comedy that they brought to Rhode Island and had always thought it would be rewarding to be a cast member. (And now he can reap those rewards, HAHA!) Tyler frequently collaborates with Swamp Meadow Community Theatre and is the proud creator of the radio play Cyrano de Bergerac : In Space. He also worked at Disney World for 4 months once and won’t shut up about it.

Daniel Lee White

Artistic Director
Member Since 2008

Daniel Lee White is an award-winning director, performer, writer, and arts educator with over 25 years of experience in theatre and film. He is the founder and is currently the Artistic Director of Bring Your Own Improv. Daniel loves the many years he has been able to make people of all ages laugh and give them a place to play. Play is an important part of life and because of the many team members involved in BYOI over the years, he has been able to do so. Thank you to them and to all those who have and will come and play.

Our Awesome Door Crew

Evelyn Dubois

Member Since 2023

Evelyn doesn’t like to be on stage, but that doesn’t stop her from joking around with her family, especially her sister Audrey. She graduated from Wheaton College in 2019 with a degree in visual art. In her free time, she enjoys all forms of arts and crafting, from drawing to knitting scrapbooking to sewing. She can also be seen (or not) working backstage in many plays with Swamp Meadow Community Theatre.

Kerri Baggesen

Member Since 2011

Kerri is the self proclaimed Door Chick of BYOI and is rarely seen on stage. Hanging around funny people has not yet given her any comedic skills, but maybe it will happen someday! She likes hanging with friends for game nights, watching movies, assorted geekery, and Drag Bingo. She dreams of a future Tica life as a cat lady as motivation to finally learn Spanish.