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Voted Best Comedy Show in Rhode Island
for multiple years!!!

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What Are People Saying About Us?
Testimonials from fans :
"My wife daughter and I all had a blast watching and participating in your show! Thank you for being a jewel in the crown of Rhode Island culture." - David
"We had so much fun! It is a unique and inexpensive night out. We will definitely be back since the show is different every time. Absolutely recommend it!" - Cindy M.
"Really appreciate the kindness towards younger members of the audience. It makes us come back as often as we can make it." -Anonymous Audience Member
"Tonight’s show was the first for each of our group of 16 kids and adults. We all thoroughly enjoyed the show and had many good laughs! One of my favorite parts was the cat imitation! We had no idea what to expect when we arrived and were each very pleasantly surprised and entertained! The cast was very talented and the audience participation was also very entertaining. We will definitely be back- hopefully often! Thanks for an affordable great night out!" - Amy
"Great time. Brought my kids and they had a blast. Plan on going regularly with the family and when I can get a sitter I really want to check out there late show. Well worth the money. You can even pick up tickets for a discount 24 hours in advance. If your looking for something to do and have some laughs it's definitely worth checking out." - Gilbert
"We had a blast at this event. Each skit was very entertaining and funny. I participated in the helping hands skit, my sisters were laughing so hard they were crying … that was priceless. We will definitely return to BYOI." - Christine
"I went to both the 7 and 9 pm shows and had an absolute blast! The performers are pros who know how to keep an audience laughing. The amount of audience participation is fantastic. This is a well run show, an amazing value for the price and something anyone visiting the area should see." - Kevin
"We had fun! The kids are so fast and funny (: We came to their 9 pm show and we had a blast!!!! I highly recommend this place!" - Milly
"Best part of the night was when they were in space pulling quotes from the audience, out of a cup. The lines were: actor 1.”Here’s Johnny” actor 2. “Ya, there goes Johnny(pointing out the window of the spaceship), I can’t believe you kicked him off the ship”. Actor 1 got the same line again so Johnny was doing orbits out there. It turns out actor 1 had some issues with other crew members who were tossed out to there deaths over some extremely fixable issues. Definitely will return to see these guys." - David
"Seriously, this is way better than staying home." - Bob
"Great fun to go see at a reasonable price!!! The kids are fantastic and very imaginative!! I have been to at least 5 events and it never fails to get me laughing!" - Kim
"I found these folks on groupon and I couldn't wait to try it out. At first I was questioning if it would be funny or just awkward, but it's nothing but great performances! They all are very outgoing and extremely creative.
The audience gets to participate in many different ways and eventually, everyone becomes comfortable to shout out suggestions and ideas when it's the time to do so.
I would highly recommend the 9PM show (the one I went to) and I will definitely be back!! Great job guys!!
" - Sabrina
"The talent and hilariousness of the cast is just amazing. It was a riot! This was our second time, we'll definitely be back. 7pm show is family friendly and so, so funny!" - GroupOn Customer
"Laughed so much and I will definitely be going back again! Make sure you participate because it makes it so much more fun!" - GroupOn Customer
"We all had so much fun at the show last night! Your cast (is that the right word?) is fantastic. My husband video'd the whole show and we've been cracking up watching it all day. We'll be back soon!" - Kim
"You are all very talented! I am so glad I found you! I had a great time with my teenager (it's not easy to please a teen as you know!!) and the best is that he enjoyed a lot! I will definitely be back and tell my friends!!" - Ana
"Great show I enjoyed it very much. Very talented group of performers. Lots of laughs I truly can’t wait to see them in action again. This time interacting with you all a little bit more. Highly highly recommended."
- Cezary
"I have nothing to say besides…hysterical. Please never stop."
- Nina
"You guys were amazing and sooo funny! i was cracking up the whole time. Sorry I wasn't so good on stage, haha. But i had a lot of fun with you guys!! thanks soo much"
- Andrew
"The show was fantastic! I travel all the way from Maine for BYOI and often bring a friend or family with me. Everyone always has a great time and it is well worth the drive. The new cast is amazingly funny. I look forward to attending many more shows!"
- Crystal
"Word up yo’! Last night was wicked cool – thanks for the memories."
- Katie
"this was a awesome show I’m definitely going again and these are the kind of things i love and plan to do when i grow up."
- Mia
"This was a great show. The actors and actress were quick on the draw. We loved the quick wit! This was a great experience for all of the audience members. We will try to get back to Newport this season, so we can come to the show again."
- Michele
Quotes from the Press:
"At first a little hesitant, I found joining into the games made the whole experience much more hilarious."
- Erin Kayata, Motif Mag
" are left feeling exhilarated. From the atmosphere to the wacky cast and fits of laughter you’ll experience throughout the night..."
- Giorgi Oneill,
"...a low pressure but jam-packed improvising opportunity for audience members to become involved in the onstage fun."
- Rachel Langley,
Testimonials from private shows:
"Any company, any association, any volunteer group that is looking for a way to engage their employees/membership MUST add this to their next off-site meeting. It is pure memories in the making."
- Adam Compton, Senior Manager, Schneider Electric
"It is great to know that people can be humorous and at the same time make things school appropriate. As always, I know that our students had a blast participating and laughing along with you and your troupe."
- Ronnie Goldstein, Assistant Principal, Norton Middle School

- Norton Middle School Students
"On behalf of everyone who was there that night-THANK YOU! BYOI was a perfect choice for our event! BYOI was not only funny, but professional, and overall a great group of people! I would recommend them to anyone!"
- Shannon
"You guys were absolutely amazing! Thank you for taking all my stress out of planning my assembly. The kids had a blast participating in the games. I will definitely be booking with you again next year!"
- Mrs. Rojek
"Bring Your Own Improv at a birthday party was pretty much the coolest thing ever!"
- Shannon
"We had the BEST time with you guys performing at our wedding. Our guests were pleasantly surprised and truly enjoyed our “Big Bang”. We would definitely recommend BYOI to anyone looking to add some fun to their function! Thank you guys for making our day fun and memorable!!!!!"
- Wendy & Kevin
"Thank you to all for helping to create the best B-day party ever celebrating her 13th was great with you guys. Really appreciate it. Have received great feedback from parents and kids who attended."
- Cheryl
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