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Main Cast
Jonathan Breindel - Member Since 2016
Jonathan originally hails from New York, and has been both working behind the scenes and on stage since early childhood. For those times when he is not making people laugh at Bring Your Own Improv, Jonathan's grown up job is as a Mad Scientist teaching children that science isn't just educational but entertaining. When not "edutaining", he can often be found singing or sword fighting at renaissance faires and pirate reenactments throughout New England.
David Brunell - Member Since 2014
Dave found his way into improv the old fashioned way, he lost a job. What’s a sales pitch other than some scripted stuff at the beginning and then improvising the rest. The rest as they say, is history. Classes led to performing with another short form improv troupe. Then on into short films, one act plays, and full length theater productions. Yes, improv was his gateway drug, and he loves it!
Erich Gottschalk - Member Since 2011
Erich got his start in Improv back in High school at LaSalle Academy and dabbled through college at Bradley University where he got a theatre minor in just 2 semesters. After college, he applied to the Second City's Conservatory program on a whim and on 2 weeks notice, was accepted and moved to Chicago. After two years he graduated and got a job in the real world but has performed with Those Meddling Kids, The Speed of Thought Players, and Bring Your Own Improv, the latter of which he has recently rejoined after a 3 year hiatus to help raise his daughter. He's glad to be back!
Amy Kahn - Member Since 2014
Amy grew up with the desire to make people laugh. In college, she co-hosted a comedy talk show on Penn's UTV, helped start a sketch comedy group, and performed standup at local comedy clubs before assuming her secret identity as a data analyst. Years later, after suffering from major comedy withdrawal symptoms, she intended to return to standup when a referral to an improv comedy workshop lured her away with the appeal of unpredictability. She's been hooked ever since, performing intermittently with Speed of Thought Players, and is now excited to join BYOI! Amy comes from a long line of Shetland people and refuses to act her age.
Barbara Kessler - Member Since 2016
Barbara Kessler is an award­winning singer and songwriter and former touring and recording artist. After the birth of her second daughter and no longer able to tour, she was bit by the theater bug, which soon led to the improv virus. Barbara currently teaches voice, guitar and ukulele out of her recording studio. She is thrilled to have been invited join the BYOI family because make­believe is the best!!
Tim Killilea - Member Since 2018
Tim is honored to be a part of BYOI, and joyful for the opportunity to perform improv. His experience with theater started in middle school, continued until college, and helped him when he previously worked as a substitute teacher, a preschool basketball coach, and any of his other seven jobs. When Tim is not firefighting or baking caveman-friendly food, he is squeezing every ounce of laughter he can out of his friends, family, and wife. He is excited to work with BYOI, and looking forward to the laughter you bring to our shows!
Krissy Larsen - Member Since 2011
Krissy spends her weekdays working as a full-time marketing professional at Schneider Electric and her weekends moonlighting as a part-time Princess. Music and performing are two of her biggest passions – over the past decade she has acted in dozens of musicals and stage productions, sung in various choir and a capella groups, and performed with both short form improv and long form musical improv troupes. She first discovered improv through BYOI, and is thrilled to be back in the cast after a few year hiatus. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband Chris and two dogs, and absolutely loves unicorns.
Alex Mann - Member Since 2019
Being disqualified from his high school yearbook superlative for class clown, Alex was inspired to find his funny bone and yours. Since 2017 Alex has been studying and performing long form improv in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. When not trying to make friends, family and random strangers in line at the market laugh he can be found in the kitchen making homemade pasta, bread and other meal prep dinners.
Josh Pelletier - Member Since 2013
Josh Has been an active member of the theater arts since the 4th grade. He was an active member in his college theater troupe, starting an improve group known as "The Knights of Amprov" at Anna Maria College. After a year hiatus he has returned to the comedic stage as a member of BYOI. Josh also regularly performs with the Gateway Players in Southbridge MA when not teaching show choirs and looking for work as a music teacher.
Ian Sokoloff - Member Since 2012
In a prior improv life, Ian performed with San Diego Theatresports and co-founded the Subatomic Jenkins Clan (also in San Diego). Since arriving in New England, Ian discovered long-form improv (in addition to discovering weather), performing irregularly at ImprovBoston, training in and performing with the IB Harold On Deck program, and spending a stint with the IB Harold team Plan B. He's pleased to be returning to his playful short-form roots with BYOI. Excelsior!
Emily Taft - Member Since 2015
Emily began testing the waters of performance in the 6th grade where she was involved in a theater workshop and performance program that put on plays. After catching the performance bug and being encouraged to continue in comedy by her mentor, who was none other than the fabulous Daniel Lee White, she decided to look for more performing outlets. During her 9th and 10th grade years, she participated in an improv group, called Frozen Dynamite. When she was informed about the BYOI Youth Collective, she couldn’t wait to join! Now an alumni of the BYOI Youth Collective after roughly a year and a half of training, she is more than excited to graduate to the big leagues of BYOI.
Daniel Lee White - Producer - Member Since 2008
Daniel Lee White is an award winning director and actor with over 20 years of experience, including his feature film Cost of the Living, numerous plays, short films, commercials, and industrials. He is currently the Theatre Artist in Residence at the Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts and a producer and performer at Bring Your Own Improv—an audience-participation improv comedy show. He also regularly directs performances at the Newport Playhouse. He lives in Rhode Island with his wife Kerri and their dog Captain Jack Harkness.
Rose Wood - Member Since 2019
Rose saw a show at BYOI in 2014 and immediately started doing improv as part of their Youth Collective. She is pursuing a career at one of the fashion houses in France. Her life goal is to visit all 7 continents and all 50 states. She loves travel, dogs, books, food, snow, renaissance faires, fencing, and of course...improv!
Our Staff
Kerri Baggesen - Door Chick Since 2011
Kerri is the self proclaimed door chick of BYOI. She blogs almost every show recap and will never be seen on stage. Sadly, hanging around with funny people has not given her any comedic skills. She likes hanging with friends for game nights, watching movies and spending time with her one-eared cat.
Cyn Brunelle - Door Geek Since 2014
A former performing member of BYOI, Cyn just couldn't stay away. She misses being on stage with a live audience, both with us and as a Mad Scientist. Cyn has been spending her vast amounts of free time gardening, creating art, raising her kids and performing as Associate Producer/Assistant Director and panelist of The Qualk Show, an Internet-based talk show focused on LBGT+ parenting and families.
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